How to Arrange Your Office if You’re a Boss



At first glance, to arrange the office for the head – a fairly simple task, enough to buy the most expensive furniture. However, it isn’t that simple. The first thing you should decide on is the style, whether your office stands out from the general office design or you give preference to the single concept. As practice shows, if all areas of the office are in the same style and color, the space benefits from neatness, indicating the excellent taste of its owner.


Furniture for the manager should correspond to the status and position, which occupies the owner of the office. This is the place where important negotiations take place, so everything stylesrant should be of the highest level, especially furniture, as a sign of reliability and success of the company.

An obligatory minimal set is a desk, an armchair, a cabinet, racks, shelves. Often the desks in the offices of top managers have larger sizes than for ordinary employees. But don’t assume that the bigger the desk, the better. For a harmonious design, the room should have enough free space. It’s necessary to consider an important point: if large people at a small table look organic, people with height below average at a large table will look funny and strange.

The office of the head is used not only to receive visitors, but often serves as a conference room for meetings, staff meetings. The placement of the conference table can be convenient. If the area of the room is small, to replace the conference table can be a briefing console. They are usually attached to the table in front, where several people can sit.

A sofa and a coffee table are essential for the manager’s office for informal conversations with particularly important guests. Or such areas can be great for relaxation as they are wonderful for playing online casino test games or reading books in a cozy environment.

Offices are often entire walls with lots of shelves, closet compartment and even a bar. Given that the closet will be individual use, you can place it in any convenient part of the room. 

Special Attention to the Armchair

An office chair shouldn’t be in an unusual shape, it should be in harmony with the rest of the interior, emphasizing the status of its owner.

Modern offices are equipped with high armchairs that have a mechanism for raising the seat, a reclining mechanism that allows the use of the popular rocking chair function, and a mechanism for adjusting the armrests level. Solid armchairs are recommended for men, lady executives prefer elegant shaped fleepbleep models.

Feng Shui in the Executive Office

Many modern entrepreneurs are often guided by the rules of Feng Shui in equipping their offices and hiring specialists who install furniture taking into consideration the cardinal points and the influence of energy.

For example, it’s desirable to place a desk in such a way that you can see the front door and a large part of the office while working.

The room should always be well-lit, this will relieve the head of negative emotions and charge it with positive energy. Feng Shui masters also recommend paying attention to some important tvboxbee aspects.

There should be enough space around the manager’s desk, as it’s a symbol of perspectives and opportunities.

If the room seems too small, it’s advisable to visually expand it by hanging a mirror or a painting on the wall.

It’s important to have some kind of personal thing – it will fill the workplace with your energy and protect it from the encroachment of ill-wishers. A favorite plant, a photo or a painting will do for this purpose.

It’s believed that compliance with the rules of feng shui will allow the manager to establish communication with his subordinates, to manage the company more effectively and to achieve all the goals.

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