Women v/s Men: Who Plays The Most In Casinos 



Casinos are a popular destination for entertainment, and gambling has become a common pastime for many people. However, regarding gender, a common misconception is that men are the predominant players in casinos. However, a study shows that almost 60% of women play different casino games, and an equal amount of revenue comes from them. Moreover, playing at online casino Malaysia like Winbox, will let you play different poker games, slot games, sports betting, etc., by top-notch service providers. Download the Winbox app on iOS and Android, and start betting.

Gambling Practices Among Men And Women

Which gender gambles the most? A general question arises after reading the statistics above or watching women playing slot games, poker, etc., at the casinos. From the above percentage, it is clear that women gamble more too. Let us tell you that the approach to gambling among women and men is entirely different.

  • Men like casino games where they can dominate and win grand prizes. It makes them choose table games, poker games, craps, and live table games when playing online casinos. Women, on the other hand, prefer casinos and online slot games. Even they enjoy playing the lottery and bingo games too.
  • What percentage of gamblers are men? A study by experts shows men are 7 times more prone to become problem gamblers. Women play for fun or out of boredom. The reason men gamble the most is first out of fun, but after frequent losses, they play more in the hope of winning someday. More than 66% of men are stated to gamble, whereas as stated, there are only 60% of women gamble.
  • Men prefer casino or table games that are built strategically and require more strenuous efforts. Women play casino games that include sheer luck.
  • Women spend time on games like lottery and bingo, and most of the time stick to them only. Men stick to casino games for less time because they are in the habit of betting larger amounts.
  • Men like and play casino games offering an adrenaline rush. However, women like simple casino games to pass their time or play them for fun.
  • Women gamblers do not get into risky affairs like their men counterparts. They are not into the habit of jumping from one game to another so easily.

From above, it is clear that men gamble over and above their women counterparts. They may get frustrated because they form a habit of winning. Men cannot face losses, so they tend to bet more and sometimes lose more. Women play with lower bets and may not get into different casino games easily.

Why Do Women Prefer Gambling?

Why do women gamble? Until now, we have seen the reasons and attributes of men who gamble, and they gamble the most. Men can’t stand losses, so they gamble higher and more bets. Here, we will see the reasons why women gamble.


Most women prefer gambling online because of the fun it provides. They prefer online casino and slot games available in the demo version. New players can play the games with their welcome bonus. It makes casino gambling attractive among women. Traditional casinos are around the corner, but online casinos provide convenience too.

Escape From Daily Routine

Gambling can provide a total escape from the monotonous routine and stress, which can be especially appealing to women who may be overwhelmed with responsibilities at home or work. Many women also enjoy the social aspects of gambling, such as playing bingo or slot machines with friends. It helps them rejuvenate and engage their life apart from work or house responsibilities. 

An Addition To Present Income 

Another reason women gamble is the potential for financial gain. For some women, gambling can be a way to make money, albeit with varying degrees of success. Many women see gambling as a way to supplement their income, which can be especially important for the primary breadwinners in their households. 

Few Women Gamble To Remain Stress-Free

Women mostly enjoy fun games like bingo, Wheel of Fortune, or lottery games. A few women are into playing poker or other lot games. Most women resort to gambling as it can temporarily escape problems such as anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. Women dealing with personal problems may find the adrenaline rush that comes with gambling. For some, it provides temporary relief from their troubles.

Transition From Gender Roles

A few women who enjoy playing slot games, bingo, poker, or other casino games feel that online gambling empowers them. They feel competent with their male counterparts and become go-getters in many situations. It gives them a sense of independence, and they feel like breaking societal norms too.

Despite all these reasons, gambling is still addictive and must be played responsibly. You must not get engrossed in gambling that you should forget your life. Women tend to play smarter because of the convenience and comfort the online casino Malaysia provides. Mobile apps are user-friendly and come in handy, allowing men and women to gamble from anywhere and at any moment. Online casino gambling is helping women break stereotypes and get out of their sleek roles. They are becoming confident to play and bet on other casino games too.

Gamble Responsibly!

The rise of online gambling has made it easier than ever for women to participate in gambling activities, and it remains to be seen how this trend will continue. The area, which was once male-dominated, is now possibly acquired by women too. Many online casinos welcome men and women irrespective of gender roles. From above also, it is clear that the participation of women in casino activities is at par or somewhere more than men. Women are getting into online casino gambling to challenge stereotypes of society and to break their monotonous life circle of work and home responsibilities. Don’t forget to gamble safely and responsibly!

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